Leesburg Center for the Arts is one of the prime examples of how to develop a regional arts center. It has been a privilege to watch it grow into a vital catalyst for local business growth and a center of nurture for artists and supporters.
— Makoto Fujimura

Leesburg Center for the Arts

It all started in 2000, when art enthusiasts, community members and organizations, and city officials identified that Leesburg needed a cultural/arts component to improve the quality of life here in our small town.   Voila!  The Leesburg Center for the Arts was born:)

Our mission is simple to provide art education, awareness and opportunities within the Leesburg area and with the help of our partners if our ART ENTHUSIASM spills over into our neighboring towns, cities and counties than GREAT! the more ART the BETTER!   Our goal is to enrich our community with art and culture.  Get inspired and unleash your inner creative. WE  are a sense of place for our local artists, creatives, musicians, and appreciative audiences to gather and collaborate.

Our organization has cultivated an artistic community in Leesburg who love to create and mentor, join us today! #arthappenshere   



Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners!!!!