Annual Giving Campaign

Eighteen years ago, a visionary group of artists, and patrons saw the most valuable gift for emerging talent is time, place and a supportive community.  The Leesburg Center for the Arts was the embodiment of that vision.   Our Annual Giving Campaign, provides essential unrestricted funds to continue to support artists of all ages, provide a place to create, and grow Leesburg’s arts and culture. 

Within the last year, we welcomed over 10,000 artists and art enthusiasts as they visited the center for LCFA’s gallery shows, receptions, concerts, classes, workshops, open studios, and special events.  Currently, 196 Artists refer to the center, as home and as a sense of place for all artists of all media to create and share their work.   An artist's path is his/her creative journey, and our goal is to inspire our youth, and to offer children within our community the opportunities to experience and discover ART.  During our Rotary Summer Art Institute 96 student artists spent a week exploring and learning a variety of techniques inspired by famous artists from around the world.  MAS (Mobile Art Studio) popped up 80 times this year and provided art opportunities for FREE to over 1,500 kids living in underserved areas within the Leesburg Area including Carver Heights, Montclair, Samaritan Inn, and The Crossing. The arts offer a variety of different benefits!   Art helps with cognitive development and communication skills.  Art activity brings People closer, giving us a tool to build a thriving community and finally Art is a component to a successful economic development plan! Support the Arts and Culture in our community! 

#Supportlocalarts  #arthappenshere